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   evaweb8Welcome to Golden TCM  Natural Medicine Clinic

         Acupuncture & Chinese medicine Practitioner in Brisbane City (CBD)

Special Interests in:

General Health Check Up
Digestive symptoms, Stress & Emotional Related, Energy Relates,
Women health related / IVF support etc / Couple's health related
Muscular Pains in any kinds / Pain management,
Facial Acupuncture. 

News Update:

We are professional Chinese Medicine Practitioner with many years of experience committed to provide our patients with the highest standard of care. Contact us if you have any health concerns. 

Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture in Brisbane City (CBD)

We are located in:

 Suite 202, Level 2, 180 Queen St. Brisbane City (CBD) 4000

(Same building to Country Road Fashion Shop and next to H&M).

Our vision & Mission

Our Vision is to offer the best products and services to our customers. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is holistic in it approach and works to balance the systems in the body. 


TCM focuses on you as an individual & acknowledges that illness can present in each person. this means the treatment is always personalized. 


"Prevention is better than cure"


We educate our patients in dietary & life style needs, this will help our patient to achieve a balanced & healthier life. 




Chinese Herbal Medicine

Face Acupuncture
Remedial Massage (Tui Na)

General Health Check & Dietary Advice



Eva Chen


Chinese Herbalist

Chinese Medicine Practitioner
Call: 0433503120


Ben Chen
Chinese Herbalist
Remedial Massage Therapist
Call: 0403268317