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Heavy Period

Manage Menorrhagia (Heavy Period) Naturally with Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine In Brisbane CBD

Pill is not the only solution to Heavy bleeding period;
Alternative therapies such as Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine are the good options to deals with Heavy period.

If you are thinking about fall in pregnant in future, afraid about the pills may interfere with fertility function?

Why not adopt a natural approach to regulating the uterus and improving health at the same time without the need for pills or removal organs.

What is a heavy period (Menorrhagia)?
1. Menstrual bleeding more than 80ml / cycle or
2. Use more than 10 pads per day
3. Blood loss lasts more than 7 days or
4. Greater flow than usual

What is the cause of heavy period?
In Chinese Medicine, heavy period can be caused by:
1. Low in body energy
2. Excessive heat in body
3. Poor blood circulation (blood stasis)

¤ Low in body energy

Patient who is over working (longer working hours) or excessive exercise may exhausted the body energy. In Chinese Medicine, blood flow is guiding by body energy. Therefore, if body energy is very low, the blood wonft stay in body properly, thus will lead to heavy period or heavy bleeding period.

¤ Excessive heat in blood stream
Patient whom loves hot spicy foods, alcohol or suffers from insomnia (can't sleep); the excessive heat will be generated in the blood stream. During period, uterus bleeding is caused by releases of heat in the uterus. If body has excessive heat than normal, then the bleeding will be heavier and longer in period days.

¤ Poor blood circulation (blood stasis)
Poor blood circulation often attributed to cold accumulating in the body, such as intake of cold foods, cold drinks and salads causing blood circulation slows down and leads to blood accumulation. Patient in this group often has light period for 2 -3 menstrual cycles and then became heavy flow after 3 menstrual cycles. The large blood clots and lots of cramp pain may accompany with heavy period.

What is the treatment to heavy period?
The treatment plan will base on the cause of heavy period.

Both Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine will be used to treat heavy period.

How long is a course of treatment?
One course involves 3 menstruation cycles to 4 menstruation cycles.
In Chinese Medicine, we not only stop the heavy bleeding period, we also treating the root of the problem and strengthen the uterus condition.


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